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One Month

Dear Colton, 1 month 31 days 44,640 minutes 2,678,400 seconds …have passed since I last held you in my arms and kissed your forehead. Saying goodbye has never been so hard in my life. My heart broke in pieces a month ago knowing that would be the last time I see you in your physical…
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You Made Me a Mom

Dear Colton, Today looked very different from how I ever pictured. When I first found out I was pregnant with you back in August, I remember looking up when you would be due. You were my little April spring baby just like me. That also meant that I would have you with me for Mothers Day,…
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Picture Perfect

Dear Colton, Not a day or moment goes by that I don’t think of you. It’s crazy how the smallest of things will make me think of you or my pregnancy. Sometimes those memories make me smile and remember a wonderful time when I was carrying you and sometimes they make my heart hurt and…
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Is This Really Happening? – Part 2

After the first night in the hospital and going to bed with some type of peace, waking up did not feel the same. I tossed and turned on the pull-out couch that I used as my bed beside Marie. The weather was gloomy and overcast, not exactly how I wanted to start off the morning…
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A Day to Remember

Dear Colton, Yesterday we had your memorial service. It was a sweet time to remember and honor you. We released some balloons up to you. I hope you enjoyed seeing them. You had so many family members who never got to meet you come because they love you so much. We felt God close to…
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The Road to Delivery

Being hooked up to an IV, filling out paperwork and getting introduced to the nurses who would be taking care of me was a surreal moment. This is not how it was supposed to be. There wasn’t suppose to be tears and sorrow but instead joy and excitement. I kept crying out to Alex that…
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